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Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

Create a smarter, safer and more sustainable transportation ecosystem.

City streets and sidewalks are becoming more congested, while connected and autonomous technologies in vehicles are increasing. Safety concerns like these pose a significant challenge for city planners and senior traffic engineers to improve mobility, safety, and efficient use of roadways now and in the future.



Provide better insights and information for data-driven decision making with Video Analytics built-in to Bosch IP cameras


Keep roadways flowing safely and efficiently with video-as-a-sensor technology enabled by true "edge" analytics

More Sustainable

Improve and maintain traffic management systems with camera-generated analytics data and via partnerships with highway information solution providers

Our solutions for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

The power of integrated security solutions for ITS is available whether you choose a complete solution from us, or combine our technology with software from one of our partners.

Automatic incident detection

Automatic incident detection

Improve mobility and safety with analytics-driven video solutions

Intelligent IP cameras deliver automatic incident detection enabling Traffic Management Center (TMC) operators to quickly react to events such as congestion, a stopped vehicle, fire or smoke in hard to see areas, or a wrong-way driver. Automated incident alerts give operators improved situational awareness to reduce disruption times, which is especially valuable for emergency response vehicles.

Beyond incident detection, camera analytics and metadata enable the ability to collect and aggregate data – helping you understand traffic patterns, congestion points, and more. Camera-generated analytics data facilitates solutions like historical data dashboards for making intelligent business decisions.

Traffic in city

Smart intersections

Keep traffic moving with effective analytics, detection, and data

With distracted pedestrians, more bicyclists, and an increase in public transportation in urban environments, it is essential to implement strategies for improved safety. Additionally, congestion from vehicles and pedestrians when traffic volumes are high creates inefficiencies that result in user delay and frustration, and increases environmental emissions.

Built-in video analytics at the edge allows cameras to become intelligent devices that can alert to safety risks and give operators improved awareness of busy intersections. Machine learning also enables customized solutions to solve the specific needs of cities and transportation departments.

Camera analytics and metadata enable the ability to collect and aggregate data – helping you understand traffic patterns, congestion points, and more. Camera-generated analytics data facilitates solutions like historical data dashboards for making intelligent business decisions.

Traffic in city
Smart corridors

Smart corridors

Detect safety events and send real-time alerts to keep roadways flowing

When traffic congestion increases on roadways during peak times, it's essential to know about safety risks as early as possible to take action quickly. Congestion also leads to an increase in environmental emissions.

Cameras act as intelligent sensors to report issues affecting the safety of motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians. The cameras enable the collection of data for analysis, facilitating data-driven decision-making for smart corridor and enhanced safety applications.

Through partnerships with highway information solution providers, cameras can trigger third-party systems to notify drivers on the road, improving situational awareness and enabling them to take action earlier. For example, automated triggers to dynamic message signs and dedicated short-range communication (DSRC) broadcast messages for smart vehicles and early incident detection and mitigation, help first responders to intervene more quickly, and avoid secondary accidents.

Smart corridors
Parking occupancy and management

Intelligent parking

Help drivers find open parking faster and reduce traffic congestion and emissions

In busy cities, Video Analytics can help monitor parking lot occupancy and curbside parking, as well as enforce no-parking zones. In lots, cameras can count the number of open spaces, specialized spots – such as those for people with disabilities or electric vehicles – or track ingress and egress, and relay this data to the video and parking management systems.

Cameras can trigger third-party systems to share alternative parking locations on a dynamic message sign so drivers can find open parking faster to get off the road, reducing traffic congestion and emissions.

Operators gain valuable insights from video analytics data that easily converts to dashboards for making intelligent business decisions.

Parking occupancy and management


ITS leaflet

ITS leaflet

Analytics-driven video solutions for ITS

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ITS brochure

Delivering safety alerts and data to maximize mobility

Application note

Application note

Automatic incident detection

White paper Automatic License Plate Recognition (LPR)

White paper

Automatic License Plate Recognition (LPR)

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Application note

Smart Intersections

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